International Acting School Rome

Centre of Performing Arts founded in 1998 for aspiring actors who dream a career in stage, film and TV, and for professionals who wish to focus on skills development.

Our core methods have their roots in the work of Stanislavskij, Strasberg, Feldenkrais and many others.

Attention, please: the School for the current Academic year and the next one is not running

Centre of Performing Arts founded in 1998. For the aspiring actor we offer a two-year intensive training; a thorough preparation for a professional acting career in stage, film and TV. Our core methods have their roots in the work of Stanislavskij, Strasberg, Feldenkrais and functional voice training Freeing the natural voice, by Kristin Linklater. For the professional actor who wishes to focus on skills development we have establishedan extensive program of ongoing classes. Particularly the workshops Attore "International". Our facilities include a fully equipped theatre of 200 square meters of space in the heart of Rome (Porta Portese). International guest trainers from the world of theatre and film regularly visit to lead seminars on particular aspects of performing craft.



The intensive training program is of 12 or 16 hours weekly from October to June divided in three terms. Students are trained in both practical work and acting theory throughout the two years. The practical work has its focus on four major areas of study: acting, movement, voice and speak.
The Two-Year Training is a professional course recognized by public institutions: Regione Lazio and Provincia di Roma. Italian speaking language is required.
Acting classes cores improvisation, sensory exercises, relaxation, games, text analysis, creating character, story-telling, acting in verse, acting for the camera and audition technique.
Movement studies include movement awareness using the Feldenkrais method, movement improvisation, rhythm, animal studies and 20th century dance.
Voice studies cover functional voice training, articulation and pronunciation (based on Kristin Linklater's process of work Freeing the natural voice). Speak classes: functional link between physical action and enunciation and cognitive links between movement, imagination and phonation.
Further we provide seminars in history of theatre, stage and film direction and in rudiments of music and in history of musical opera theatre.
We encourage ours students to approach this course as the beginning of their professional careers and expect to them a self motivation that will be essential to them throughout their professional life.  We believe it is vital for actors to take responsibility for their own creativity. All areas of our training emphasize this in order to enable actors to function well as partners in process and performance.


Once a week, 6 hours each. An engaging class for professional and upcoming actors who either want to keep training in order to continue research, either want to discover the acting concepts and training of Stanislavskij and Strasberg.
The class is in Italian, eventually with English support.


Week-end courses. Are designed for actors, student actors, voice teachers, singers, student singers and the interested lay person. The course is held over 2 weekends each in which students work on the breathing, resonance vibration, articulation, some physiological concepts and Feldenkrais elements. Based on Kristin Linklater's Freeing the natural voice.

In Italian; English and German speaking students are accepted.


Once a week of two and a half hours each with the aim to perform a play at the end of the year. It is designed for amateurs and students who have had no formal education training, but who have great enthusiasm for theatre. Excl. in Italian.


- Modern dance
- Physical Actions and Etjud
- Acting in verse
- Acting for the camera
- Hystory of theatre and dramatic art
- Impulses and actions, connection with verbal life

These courses are held as intensive seminars of one or two weeks each.


Attore "International"
Kristin Linklater - (Columbia University N.Y.) 16 - 26.07.01 Freeing the natural voice at  Pantelleria (Sicily).
Marilyn Fried - (Actors' Studio N.Y.) Rome: 15 - 20.04.02 The Art of Acting.
Kristin Linklater - (Columbia University N.Y.) Rome: 17 - 21.07.02 Freeing  the Natural  Voice; Puglia: 25 - 29.07.02 Sound and movement.
Lena Lessing - (Berlino) Rome: 8 - 14.07.02  Acting for the Camera.
Elizabeth Kemp - (MFA/Actors' Studio N.Y.) Rome: 1- 6.07.02 Character Work.
Lena Lessing - (Berlin) Rome: January  Method Acting and July Acting for the Camera.
Elizabeth Kemp - (MFA/Actors' Studio N.Y.) Rome: June - July Dream and Character Work.
Lena Lessing - (Berlin) Rome: January Meisner's technique and July Acting for the Camera. Character Work.
Evdokimos Tsolakidis - (Athens) Rome: January Tonight we improvise.

See page Attore "International" for more details in English about these seminars